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Valletta, Malta’s capital and a World Heritage site, is nothing short of an open-air museum combined with a leading shopping destination. It is a living experience of Baroque architecture, a monument donated by the Knights of St John nearly five centuries ago. Throughout the years, Valletta has welcomed emperors, heads of state, artists and poets and is now the permanent seat of the Maltese government. Among other leading attractions are the majestic St John’s Co- Cathedral, the imposing bastions and a countless priceless paintings housed in the various museums and galleries. It also provides a stunning snapshot of Malta’s Grand Harbour, often described as the most beautiful one in the Mediterranean.

The city’s unique setting nowadays plays host to vibrant business activity during the day. Dotted with shops and quaint cafés and with its several pedestrianised areas, the city is today one of Malta’s main tourist haunts, attracting large numbers daily to the myriad of shops. The city slows down for the night transforming into a magical location with various entertainment options ranging from cultural events to cinema, restaurants and wine bars. Away from the noise of traffic and possessing a special magic, Valletta cannot but be enjoyed.